Welcome to FoxyKitten online store!

Here you'll find several kinds of fun things to decorate your home or yourself with. Feel free to explore :3

Online store in progress - 8.9.2015

Original plan

With a good friend of mine, we originally planned the FoxyKitten brand for different fabric products with prints that we would draw together. But it turned out I was the only serious one willing to take the risks. So I got myself a business name and planned on continuing the idea and do more than just fabric prints, but I got so many art commissions and illustration jobs that I simply didn't have the time to plan out everything and make enough products.

Inspired again at TraconX

After selling a few of my stuff at TraconX, so many people had asked if I had an online store, where would I be next. My inspiration sparked up again. Especially after I sold out all that I had with me, I returned home really happy and ready to make this online store finally real. Of course, with a lot of help from my boyfriend since my own coding skills are from the 90's standards.

Will take a while

Finishing the coding, adding all the content, products, the shopping system, this all takes a lot of time. Especially since I'm daily working on commission work and my boyfriend has uni and work to do. There's is yet no estimated time for when this online store will be fully functional. But hopefully soon enough, I can't wait myself! :3